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Steam Indicator Strip
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Steam Indicator Strip

Also known as sterilization indicator , chemical indicator strip,autoclave indicator strips Product Material: special card paper, standard color block The product will be chemical substances and color rendering agent and its accessories made of ink and ink printed on special card paper, display indicator color block under the appropriate temperature, humidity, pressure can quickly and intuitively reflect whether the sterilized items are sterilized treatment, sterilized color is not easy to fade

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KMNPack steam sterilization indicator strips includes special card, standard color patch, and indicator strip.
To display indicator color patch (Blue)by printing indicator ink onto a strip of special paper(standard color patch).
Clearly contrasting color

Sterilization method:
High-pressure steam sterilization
widely used in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, food, health products, drinks and other industries detection
Put one end of indicator printed on the card surface into the middle of the package;According to the general operation,
preheat and completely remove air;When the pot temperature reaches 121 ℃, retain more than 20 minutes
(the time needed for different items, please according to the relevant provisions), complete extraction,
observation of color changes.In the 121 (plus or minus 2) ℃ temperature range, achieve standard black above

1. This product is not suitable for use inside rotating bottles, tubes, barrels and other instruments.
2. This product shall not be in direct contact with water.It should not be placed directly on the surface of metal
or glass which is easy to form condensed water.
3. For used CARDS, the discoloration reagent should not be burned with fire to avoid dust.
4. Do not apply to 132 ℃ pressure steam sterilization effect of detection.

Storage Conditions:
Do not contact with acid or alkali, keep away from moisture and keep in a cool place


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