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Specimen Collection Swab
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Specimen Collection Swab

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For sample collection, transportation and storage, etc
The bristles of the flocking sampling head are soft, non-shedding and non-fluorescent. An axial static tension of 5N is applied at the connection between the sampling handle and the sampling head, and no fall off or fracture is maintained for 10s. The product consists of swabs.
Product feature:
individual package
Ethylene oxide sterilization, sterilization thoroughly, safe and reliable.
2.High quality
Flocking adopted swab, non-irritating, super absorbent, easy to elute. ABS plastic rod can be broken design.
Paper plastic bag sealed
Separate paper plastic packaging can be opened for use.
This product is only for one-time use, strictly follow the operation specifications when using, please destroy immediately after use, do not reuse. Its waste disposal should be in accordance with the national environmental protection laws and regulations. The product should be stored in a dry, ventilated, radiation-free and clean room.

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