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Self Seal Sterilization Pouches
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Self Seal Sterilization Pouches

self seal sterilization pouches product material: - Imported medical grade self-adhesive dialysis paper (Arjo Wiggins, France / Billerud, Sweden) - Blue (or transparent / green) CPP / PET medical composite film - Double-sided tape bonding strip

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 Sterilization method:
 ethylene oxide (ETO), pressure steam (steam)

  hospitals, clinics; beauty products; laboratory supplies; household high temperature for gloves,
  gauze, cotton balls, masks, catheters, surgical equipment, dental equipment  etc.

Product features:
 1. Self-produced medical composite membrane
 2. as self seal sterilization pouches manufacturer,factory can produce core raw materials by self,
 3. to strengthen the membrane to prevent cracking when opening the bag
 4. Sterile and easy to tear, non-stick paper, no paper dust to achieve better results; 
 5. Three explosion-proof edges are used to prevent cracking;
 6. Provide color change instructions with clear and clear status;
 7. Through the transparent film, the contents can be clearly seen to prevent errors;
 8. Import high-grade medical paper to ensure high anti-bacteria; 
 9. Strengthen the membrane to prevent tearing when opening the bag; 
10. Non-toxic water-based inks that are clear and stable and will not open.
11. Discoloration indication: The color change indication under steam turns from blue to black, and EO turns
from pink to yellow.

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