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Medical Gauze
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Medical Gauze

The medical gauze is used for medical treatment, and it is mainly divided into two categories: ordinary medical gauze and medical instantly hemostatic gauze

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The medical gauze  substrate is medical absorbent gauze, and the gauze block should be soft, odorless and tasteless; the gauze block should be folded flat, without burrs, burrs, and skeins; medical gauze pieces can be divided into hem and not folded. Edge, flat, pull, cut, belt development line and no development line, can be divided into sterilized and non-sterilized gauze pieces from the package.

1:Traditional gauze:
woven in plain weave of medium and thick cotton yarn. The organizational structure is sparse. After scouring and degreasing, it has good moisture absorption and moisture dissipation properties. The product is strictly disinfected by high temperature and high pressure. Suitable for medical dressing, dressing and other base materials. Elastic bandage gauze is a warp yarn made of a strong twisted cotton strand or a spandex cotton core yarn arranged in a left-right and right-handed direction, and a thick single yarn as a weft yarn, woven into a woven plain weave (or knitted warp knitting). The elastic elongation of the warp strips can reach 50%, and the wound dressing has the effect of removing blood stasis.

2:Gauze for wound surface (or non-adhesive gauze):
acetic cellulose is added to the cellulose pulp, esterified under a small amount of sulfuric acid, and spun into cellulose acetate cellulose. It is white, soft, fluffy, non-toxic, tasteless, and does not irritate the skin. The moisture regain rate (at a temperature of 20 ° C and a relative humidity of 65%) is 6% to 7%, and it is woven into gauze and bandages. And the advantages of adhesions of purulent secretions can promote the healing of wounds.

3:Non-woven fabric gauze:
The medical gauze blank is formed by the water net thorn consolidation method, which is bleached and disinfected for use.
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