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Surgical Pack
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Surgical Pack

1. The scope of application: used for medical units during the operation department of disposable protective. 2. Support customized according to customer's drawings and requirements..

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 Including disposable general Surgical package,disposabel universal surgical package,disposable caesarean surgical package,disposable dental surgical package,disposable shoulder surgical package,etc.

1. Concentration: the product is characterized by a series of surgery required for the operation of single, cloth, towels, surgical clothing and gauze, plate, bowl, cup and other materials and tools focused on a package. The package can reduce the preparation time of the material and the time of collecting the various materials.
2.Disposable:the product for a disposable use of products, after the break can not be reused the patient can be all the waste treatment process of disposable absorption, effectively put an end to cross infection.
3.Convenience:easy to operate, the use of single-hole mask, easy to spread, the product has been carried out at the factory ethylene oxide sterilization, medical institutions can be used directly, without the use of a variety of disinfection and sterilization equipment to disinfect bacteria, improve the efficiency of medical institutions.
4. Safety: vision fresh, rapid absorption of blood after surgery and other liquids, so that the operation of a clear vision, easy operation, improve intraoperative safety.

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