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Autoclave Steam Indicator Tape
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Autoclave Steam Indicator Tape

Also known as sterilization indicators,autoclave indicator tape Discoloration indication: from beige to grayish black Executive standard: Q/12KF 4982-2009; CE certification; conforms to the standard ISO11140

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1:Can be used for packaging to ensure that the sterilized package is neither tight nor loose, which facilitates
the smooth penetration of steam;
2:Pressure-sensitive adhesive, easy to remove; can be glued to various wrapping materials

1:Apply 5 to 6 cm of steam indicating chemical tape to the package (or container). The cross-wound is not
less than two weeks, which can be used for fixing and binding.
2:Place in a steam pressure sterilizer at 120 ° C for 20 minutes, or put it in a 134 ° C pre-vacuum pressure
sterilizer for 3.5 minutes. The indicator changes from light yellow to grayish black or black, indicating that
the extinguishment meets the requirements. If the discoloration is uneven or incomplete, the package may be
prompted not to be sterilized.

1:Do not directly touch the chemical indicator tape with a hard surface such as metal or glass that easily
forms condensate to prevent the condensed water from getting wet and the thermal sensitive material to
lose accuracy.
2:Store at room temperature (15 ° C - 30 ° C), 50% relative humidity, protected from light (including sunlight,
fluorescent lamps and UV disinfection lights), avoid moisture; avoid contact with corrosive gases, and do not
coexist with contaminated or toxic chemicals:
3:Only for pressure steam chemical monitoring, not for dry heat, chemical gas monitoring
4:Sealed at room temperature for 18 months.


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