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  • Sterile Barrier System

    It is a package that prevents microorganisms and germs from entering and can make the product sterile at the place of use,products including sterilizatoin pouches,self seal sterilization pouches,sterile packaging,sterilization paper,tyvek roll,medical non woven fabric,medical crepe paper etc.
  • Industrial Products

    Generally refers to materials used in medical industry, including composite film, PVC film, blister film, printing base paper, coated tape, etc
  • Sterile Control System

    With sterilization instructions and information record area of sterilization indicator label may achieve sterilization by way of printed and handwritten record the basic information of the parcel and indicator for sterilization process
  • Surgical Items and Body Protection

    Surgical supplies, used in hospitals and clinics,including surgical drapes,surgical gown,surgical package,isolation gown,protective gown and patient gown etc.
  • Dental Products

    Consumables used in dental surgery including dental bibs, saliva ejector,barrier film, etc
  • Sealing & Cutter Machine

    It is mainly used for the sealing and sealing of medical aseptic packaging, the packaging between tervec and PET blister shells, and the packaging between tervec aluminum foil bags.
  • Medical Consumables

    KMNPack medical consumables including SMS Fabric Lab Coat,Disposable Scrub Suits,Face Mask,Surgical Gloves etc.

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