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  • Foam Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

    Mainly made of compound quaternary ammonium salt, alcohol-free, foam, hands-free, mild and non-irritating Details
  • Specimen Collection Swab

    For sample collection, transportation and storage, etc
    The bristles of the flocking sampling head are soft, non-shedding and non-fluorescent. An axial static te Details
  • Medical Gauze

    The medical gauze is suitable for clinical as a disposable dressing, and it is a necessary small item in medical operations.
    The main role of medical gauze is to dress up the wound and to clean the blood from the wound during the surgery. Details
  • Disposable Nitrile Gloves

    Instruction of use:
    This product is made of high quality nitrile rubber
    Features: No allergic reaction to skin.
    Non-toxic. Harmless. Unscented,
    soft texture. Comfortable and non-slip. Details
  • Medical Rubber Examination Gloves

    Instruction of use:
    Disposable Examination Glove made of rubber latex
    Product features Anti-static,comfortable to wear,
    good hand adhesion,
    not sticky,anti aging,non-tonxic,non-allergenic Details
  • Medical Disposable Latex Gloves

    Application: It is suitable for use in surgical and medical examinations in medical institutions.
    Precautions: Stop use when using rubber allergies. Do not use if the sterilization bag is damaged or expired.
    Storage and Transportation: Store in cool& dr Details
  • Surgical Gloves

    KMNPack Surgical Gloves are Made of natural high quality latex; low protein content; high strength and elasticity; beaded cuff and smooth external finish.

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