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In 2005
The company was founded, at the beginning of the establishment of independent research and development, the establishment of national brand development strategy, research and development of multi-layer vacuum, cooking composite packaging bags, self-created brand, registered KMN trademark.

In 2006
Investment of more than 8 million yuan for the first expansion of development, self-built standardized workshop, the establishment of multi-functional laboratory, the establishment of quality inspection department, in the industry to take the lead in the QS food safety certification.

In 2007
The production base and research and development center were completed, and the new factory was moved to provide strong support for the development of the company. In that year, the technology research and development center was established, and the research and development of medical sterilization bags and high-quality medical consumables began.

In 2008
The company's first strategic transformation, self-developed medical sterilization packaging bags, medical and health high-quality consumables, sterilization instruction tape, passed the SGS international authoritative testing institutions test, products officially put into the market.

In 2009
Set up a foreign trade team, formally enter the international market, invest 5 million yuan to fully operate the strategic development of KMN brand in the global market, the first to pass ISO9001, ISO13485, CE and other authority certification.

In 2010
The company held the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the Party branch of the company, the first in the industry to solve non-stick paper technology, non-bursting bag technology, the first to provide sterilization packaging solutions, promote the development of sterilization packaging industry.

In 2011
The company's public welfare fund was established, and the business School opened classes. 500,000 Yuan was invested in charity and public welfare activities, and 1 million yuan was invested in the construction of corporate culture. Team training and learning were organized, and the "Disciple Rules" activities were carried out.

In 2012
KMN series products are the first in the industry to obtain 4 national invention patents, 7 practical patents, 8 appearance patents, the application of new technology has improved the strength of the company, but also improve the company's influence in the industry.

In 2013
Built one of the industry's largest 100,000-level purification workshop, introduced the industry's first 1.38m extra-large and extra-wide flexo printing production line, the year's export volume in the industry second, the comprehensive strength of the industry into the top three.

In 2014
KMN brand was rated as Anhui Province famous trademark, in Japan, Germany, Brazil and other 20 countries successfully registered,8 product Copyrights are protected in foreign countries, the company comprehensively expand the global market.

In 2015
The same industry in Anhui Province was awarded the national high and new technology enterprise certificate, and obtained the technical product recognition in Anhui Province, the certificate of famous brand products in Anhui Province. The company's output value and sales revenue exceeded 100 million yuan for the first time.

In 2016
Ten products OF the company have been registered in the Gulf Health Council. We have invested a lot of money to set up South American representative offices in Peru and Brazil, and set up Middle East office in Dubai Free Trade Zone. The export volume of the company exceeded 100 million yuan for the first time.

In 2017
We have become the long-term partner of 6 global top 500 companies,15 listed companies and more than 200 foreign agents. Our products have entered many global top 100 super-large hospitals and military hospitals. We have established key customer service department to improve service quality.

In 2018
The company comprehensively introduced ERP management system, the whole company carries out 6S management, in order to systematize, standardize and standardize the management of the company, optimize the business process, improve the efficiency of enterprise management, enhance the corporate image.

In 2019
The company invested a large amount of 120 million yuan for the second expansion and development. The bioindicator project jointly developed with the University of Science and Technology of China, the independent research and development of blister film and adhesive paper products were continuously put into the market. Two national standards have been promulgated, and the new green standard chemical plant is about to be completed.

In 2020
The year with the fastest development speed of the company is also the year with the most happy events of the company. The company successfully held the 15th anniversary celebration, won the national Ministry of Industry and Information Technology special special new Little giant award, signed the electron beam irradiation project with the central enterprise Beijing Institute of Automation, hired Academician Qian Yitai as the research and development technology consultant, the output value of the year more than doubled to more than 310 million yuan, the export of more than 220 million yuan.

In 2021
Company into lithium battery materials market, spend large sum of money with China university of science and technology, research and development of shandong university VC lithium-ion batteries, lithium batteries ceramic diaphragm project, two products have entered the pilot phase And won six invention patent certificate, at the same time two pilot enterprises integration management system, and won national provincial industrial design center, provincial enterprise technology center, the province digital workshop, Municipal government quality award nomination award, city advanced Party branch, etc.

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