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What Are The Requirements For Medical Sterilization Packaging Bags

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Medical sterilization paper plastic packaging bag is composed of paper + plastic composite film, used for packaging medical instruments to be sterilized, which belongs to the initial internal packaging of products. General sterilized  packaging  needs to print the medical device manufacturer or product information.

According to the regulations, the printing area should not be greater than 50%. Alias has aseptic bag, sterilization bag, medical reagent bag, medical paper plastic bag.

The medical packaging bag of the medical composite membrane can be applied to EO ethylene oxide and high temperature steam respectively, such as high temperature steam sterilization or sterilization of hospital medical instruments, can be used to hold the items to be sterilized.

High temperature sterilization should not use PET(polyester)/PE(polyethylene) colorless transparent medical composite film, because PE itself can not withstand high temperature, the glue can not withstand high temperature, so it is not recommended to use PET(polyester)/CPP(polypropylene) radiation sterilization, because radiation rays will make CPP aging embrittle, but also may precipitate harmful halides.

Generally in a clean workshop, such as one hundred thousand * purification workshop, the product is packed into a bag. Then, the bag is sealed with a heat sealing machine and placed in a carton to be sterilized. Then, due to different materials, the shelf life of bacteria is generally divided into 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, which have been verified by aging. This ensures that the medical supplies in the bags are sterile until they are transported and stored, until they are opened by the hospital nurse, so that they can be sterilized directly.

Principle of action: Using the semi-permeability and antibacterial properties of packaging materials, bactericidal gases such as EO ethylene oxide or steam can penetrate to achieve bactericidal effect and prevent bacteria from entering the sterilized paper plastic packaging bag again. Ensure that the bags remain sterile during the required storage, transportation and expiry period until the sterilized paper plastic bag is opened. Keep the product sterile. The packaging shall not be invaded by air pollution, fiber breakage, dust, other foreign bodies and microorganisms. Therefore, the packaging should ensure that the packaging material is not damaged; Completely sealed, peeling strength suitable, no penetration, no blasting, peeling clean.

In the printing and composite process of medical packaging bags, Anqing Procter & Gamble packaging through continuous accumulation and summary of experience, it is easy to make the production process.

Therefore, solvents have been formulated for medical packaging that can manage the entire process from unloading, storage, handling, packaging to use. Methods have been developed for using metallic inks to control ink process management, such as startup checks, operational monitoring and shutdown checks.

For the use of sterilizable medical packaging bags, the corresponding printing and composite process operating regulations have been formulated. Static electricity is effectively reduced through the formulation and strict implementation of the process of materials with different characteristics.

Medical bags are often used in People's Daily life, but care must be taken when using them. Some plastic bags are toxic and cannot be used to store food directly.

1. Visual observation method
Qualified medical packaging bag is white, transparent or slightly transparent, uniform texture; Toxic medical packaging bags are colored or white, but the transparency and turbidity are poor, the plastic surface is not uniformly stretched and the particles are small.

2. Listen with your ears
When the medical bag is shaken violently with the hand, it will make a crisp sound, indicating that it is qualified medical bag. The small, dull sound is toxic for medical packaging.
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