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KMNGroups And Paco Brand - Business Consulting Project Closing Will Be A Great Success

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On November 5, 2022, Anqing Kangmingna Packaging Co., Ltd. and Bogao Brand Management Consulting Co., Ltd. successfully held the consultation project of "brand reengineering, standard reengineering and culture reengineering". Cummin team and Parkor China team met again to review the achievements of the joint efforts since the launch of the Consulting Project. Cumminna team would like to thank Parkor China team for their professional services and hard work during the consulting project.

In the process of consulting project, brand reengineering combs the brand advantage internally, plans the brand development path, enhances the brand image externally, and creates the brand exclusive space; Standard reengineering, optimize department process, improve team efficiency, and stabilize service quality; Cultural reengineering, creating systematic corporate culture and cultural tools, unifying team thinking, enhancing team honor and cohesion. The three reengineering will realize the breakthrough of Kangminna brand and break the limitation of industry and enterprise development.

Cultural "empty period"

New cultural atmosphere

The old LOGO of kmnpak

The new LOGO of kmnpak

Next, Kangmingna will from the deepening of corporate culture communication, landing, management of three dimensions, in order to improve cognition, gather popularity, strong atmosphere, take a position, out of quality, build a system, tree typical, advanced learning as the goal, comprehensively promote the construction of corporate culture, further promote corporate culture in professional fields, grassroots line landing root, Provide strong logistic support for Kangmingna Group to become a hundred year enterprise with output value of 10 billion and tax per mu of one million.
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