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2023 "Quality Month" to enhance quality awareness to promote high-quality development

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"Quality Month" activity began in 1978, is in the national quality work administrative department of the initiative and deployment, the United Nations and the relevant departments and mobilize the majority of enterprises and the whole society to actively participate, in various forms in September each year organized for a month and aimed at improving the quality of the whole nation awareness and quality level nationwide quality thematic activities.

September this year is the 46th national "Quality Month", has always attached great importance to quality work, and actively create a good working atmosphere for everyone to care about quality, attach importance to quality, and cultivate quality, and interpret quality and safety as the first responsibility of the enterprise with practical actions to help the high-quality development of enterprises. In 2022, Kangmingna was also nominated for the 9th Anqing City Government Quality Award.

This month, Kangmingna took the "Quality Month" activity as an opportunity to fully implement the spirit of the Party's 20 major, closely around the theme of "enhancing quality awareness to promote high-quality development", organized, planned and step by step to improve the level of production quality management, strengthen the whole staff, all-round and whole process quality management, and effectively promote the improvement of quality and efficiency.

In the future, Comina will adhere to higher standards to create high-quality products, put forward higher requirements for research and development system, production system, supply chain system, management system, etc., to provide safer, more practical and more environmentally friendly products and services for medical care, and make positive contributions to the global medical industry.
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